Top 3 Marathons From Around the World

The culture of running is very highly developed on all continents due to its accessibility and extreme health benefits. Running events attract thousands of athletes to participate and millions of viewers on television and the Internet. Charity races are a huge part of the sports community that helps make our world a better place. Let’s find out about the most high-classed and popular races around the world.

The Most Reputable Charity Marathon in the World

One of the most popular marathons in the world is the London Virgin Money Marathon, which takes place in April every year. In order to become a participant in this race, you need to make great efforts related to the preparation and passing of the selection. Every year since 1981, about 40,000 athletes take part in this race. To participate, you must also make a donation. The money collected from athletes, sponsors, and spectators goes to the accounts of various charitable foundations. Over the history of its existence, more than 500 million pounds sterling has been collected for the needs of a charity. The success of this fundraising event was even noted in the Guinness Book of Records.

The support of the royal family adds prestige to this event. In 1998, the start of the marathon was given by Princess Diana herself, and in 2018 by the Queen of Great Britain herself.
The world record for the men’s London race is held by Moroccan athlete Khalid Hanushi, who finished 2 hours 5 minutes and 38 seconds after the start of the race.

The women’s world record for the London race is held by Paula Radcliffe, who ran the distance in 2 hours 15 minutes, and 25 seconds.
There have been 9 deaths in the history of the contest.

The Most Reputable Marathon in the USA

The main spectacular event among American runners is the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, which has been held since 1977. This race passes through all 29 boroughs of the city of Chicago, which allows you to appreciate the architecture of the city and enjoy the view, which makes this event one of the most spectacular races all over the globe. The number of participants in the race is limited to only 45,000 people. All funds received from sponsors, spectators, and athletes also go to charity.

The race route starts at Grant Park and ends there. Throughout the route, participants are assisted by 12,000 volunteers who distribute water, provide necessary medical care, and measure the performance of participants.
The world record for men in this race was set by Kenyan athlete Dennis Kimetto in 2013, overcoming the distance in 2 hours 3 minutes, and 45 seconds.

Biggest Marathon in America

The most numerous in terms of the number of participants in the marathon, which is held annually in New York. Typically, more than 50,000 athletes from all over the globe take part in it, which surpasses the Chicago and London marathons.
The event was created in 1970 and is held in November, unlike other races from the World Marathon Majors.
This race starts on Staten Island, from where the runners head to the Verrazanno Bridge, which is especially blocked for the duration of the competition, the middle of the race falls on the Pulaski Bridge, from where the athletes head to the Queens area. The race spans five NYC boroughs and ends at the Tavern on The Green. Funds raised during this event also go to charity.

Enjoy Spectacular Marathons and Choose your Favorite Event!

As you can see, marathons are held in different places and at different times, which allows you to stay in touch with the world of sports almost at any time. You will get unforgettable pleasure from watching such mass events, but you will get even more emotions if you take part in such a competition. Become a part of this huge sports community and get unforgettable emotions!